Jewelry damage by accident is very easy, especially jewelry that you wear daily. There are many factors that can cause your jewelry to scratch, fade, tear or break. Consider the list of the most common negative factors


One of the best ways to lose your jewelry is to go with it to the beach or to the pool (especially public), where the jewelry can fly off and get lost forever. The water environment is an additional threat. Chlorine contained in the water, which disinfects the pool, is very harmful to yellow and white gold - it contributes to the formation of cracks in the metal. The lower the sample, the greater the risk of damage. Chlorine can damage precious stones, damaging their natural color. Salt water is also harmful - it corrodes soldered elements of jewelry, increasing the probability of loss of the stones fixed in them. Salt can cause irreversible damage to the structure of the stone, reduces its natural Shine and radiance. Under the influence of salty sea water silver products very quickly darken and lose their attractive appearance.


Detergent and ordinary soap can make the jewelry dull. They are especially dangerous for silver and precious (semiprecious) stones such as opal, pearls and turquoise. In addition to the danger of fading, when washing objects in the sink under running water, there is always a chance that the stone fallen out of the decoration can be washed down the drain.


Excessive exposure to sunlight can cause discoloration of precious and semi-precious stones, and it weakens their structure. The minerals most at risk include opal, Topaz and pearls.


Cosmetics consists of chemical compounds that come from natural (less often) or synthetic (more often) sources. They can cause serious damage to metals and precious stones. Damage jewelry can many cosmetic products, including perfumes, lotions, creams and ointments for the body, deodorants, makeup remover. Therefore, before using cosmetics, as well as during cosmetic procedures, it is advisable to remove jewelry.


We recommend to remove jewelry, wedding rings, crosses, watches during the training. This requires rules of conduct in the gym, in addition, the lack of extra items and has a practical purpose - so you do not hurt these items yourself and others involved.