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Stylish jewelry made of 925 silver from the Kharkov manufacturer

Welcome to the store of silverware made in the city of Kharkov!

We make stylish things from silver of 925 tests and offer them to you at a pleasant price.

From silk laces with silver locks and classic chains to adorable rings and bright earrings ...

Do you want a little sparkle in your life? Discover the combination of silver with a shimmering Swarovski ...

Do you buy the first jewelry for a little girl? Do not pass by bright laces and charms in the form of lovely hearts and cute little animals ...

Looking for a gift for a man? Look closely at the "Ring of Solomon", the weaving "Round Bismarck" or to souvenirs - they will surely bring you luck ...

Choose a cross, a relic or an incense? Go to the page of the site and choose your own beauty.

Find from us what will bring you joy and cheer up!