Simplicity is the key to choosing jewelry. You should not wear a lot of jewelry at the same time in order to please someone or make an impression. This behavior is usually women perceived as her lack of taste.

Ensuring balance

If you are wearing a luxury necklace, the rest of the jewelry should be as easy as possible. In this case, fit tiny earrings, bracelets, watches and thin rings.

Observing contrast

If your outfit is opaque or dark tones, combine with it jewelry bright colors such as turquoise, red, green, lime or amber. If you are wearing a colorful dress, choose pearls, gold or silver.


Large rings should not be worn on each finger, it will be enough one or two on one hand, luxurious rings are best worn alone.


Using jewelry with precious stones in moderation will give you a very elegant appearance. If you wear earrings and bracelets with bright stones, the rest of the jewelry can be gold or silver, which will reduce the intensity of the first and complement them. With a well-made make-up, emphasizing your beauty and uniqueness, the use of additional jewelry is not required.

Day and evening sets

During the day, depending on your preferences, you can wear simple jewelry made of gold, silver, pearls or bright clothes. For the evening toilet perfect luxury jewelry, eye-catching.

The diversity of style

The number and variety of jewelry in a woman's box should allow her to create a dozen sets suitable for various occasions. The combination of jewelry is selected to taste, but with radical changes that will give the outfits a special beauty.

Quality jewelry for special occasions

For special cases, you should choose high-quality and expensive jewelry, such as a good pearl necklace, a set of gold or silver with rhinestones. Every day I come in less expensive jewelry. Choose hypoallergenic jewelry that will not have a negative impact on you.

Say "NO" to uni

Do not combine jewelry with your clothes, the contrast will look more spectacular.

If you are overweight

Do not abuse jewelry when full, as it visually enhances your silhouette.

The combination of clothing

Luxurious fabrics like velvet don't mix with a lot of jewelry.

Consider some rules of wearing jewelry.


You should not wear necklaces in clothes with a narrow collar, it creates the illusion that your neck is shorter. It is preferable to place the necklace at chest height, which visually lengthens your silhouette. Long necklaces combine with clothes in texture and color.


If you prefer to wear turtlenecks, don't wear long earrings that will cling to the matter. Rounded cutouts go well with ring-shaped earrings.


If you like to wear a top or blouse with long sleeves of dark colors, pick them rings with colored stones.

Brooches and pins

The General rule of thumb is that brooches and pins are only used with clothes made of thick fabrics, such as jackets or coats. If you wear a woolen or black coat, gold and silver brooches will suit you.

The style to your face

People with oval faces are very lucky, because such persons are almost all kinds of jewelry.

If you have a square face, it will fit elongated, oval jewelry and rings. Avoid large, dangling earrings.

Round-faced women should avoid round and large designs hanging earrings.

Owners of oblong faces are recommended to use designs in the form of ovals, circles, and rings. Avoid wearing long earrings that resemble the shape of your face.

Women with face shapes in the form of an inverted triangle, as well as with heart-shaped faces, should avoid earrings that resemble inverted triangles that expand at the top. Other types of earrings can be worn safely.

And finally, we note: it is necessary to remember that the choice of jewelry depends not only on the shape of your face, but also on the hairstyle, personal preferences and, of course, mood.