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Silver Ring Happiness

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670 грн
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Made in Ukraine
Metal Silver
Sample 925
Sex Woman
Average weight, grams
Metal color Nielloed
Theme of the picture/form Symbols / Talismans
Condition New
Packing method Gift box
Delivery Conditions At the rates of the delivery service

Silver "Ring of Happiness" blackened, width 5-9 mm

In order for good luck to accompany a person on his life path, a person surrounds himself with special symbols, the most famous of which are:

Four-leaf clover. Clover, also known as shamrock, is the national symbol of Ireland, where this plant is associated with the name of St. Patrick. Using the example of a shamrock growing from one stem, Patrick explained to the pagans the structure of the Holy Trinity - the unity of God in three persons as a perfect union of love. A person who found a rare four-leaf clover was certainly predicted a great success in life.

The horseshoe is a well-known symbol of good luck. In the 18th century, the value of a horseshoe was so great that rich people, seeing a lost horseshoe on the ground, rushed to pick it up, and all further successes were associated with this case. People believe that the horseshoe, directed with the ends up, personifies the cup that attracts wealth to the house. A horseshoe, directed with the ends down, protects the home from evil forces.

The elephant traditionally symbolizes strength, discernment, and longevity.

Seven in numerology is considered a riddle number. Seven colors of the rainbow, seven notes, seven days of the week, seven wonders of the world ... This is how Bernard Werber describes the number “7”: “7: God. Or at least a disciple god. The angel, ascending upward, reaches a new level. Like 5, it has a trait that ties it to the sky. But it is not a bend that goes down, but a straight line. "7" influences the lower world. "7" is also a cross. This is a challenge. Crossroads. To be successful, “7” must continue on its way ... ”(Bernard Werber,“ Encyclopedia of Relative and Absolute Knowledge ”)

The owl symbolizes wisdom, knowledge and erudition. Mystical appearance, expressive eyes, silent night flight, the ability to see around oneself without moving from place - all these qualities of an owl contributed to the fact that it also became a symbol of the ability not to feel fear of the dark, that is, a symbol of knowledge of secrets usually hidden for other people ...

The key is able to remove the obstacle and open access to something new, traditionally symbolizes power, freedom of choice, freedom of action, a sign that provides a solution to a difficult problem.

The eye is an ancient powerful sign. In Christianity it traditionally symbolizes the All-Seeing God - omniscience, power, light. And also vigilance. intuition, clairvoyance. Asians believe that if you look at a person for a long time and admiringly, you can awaken love in him.

The product was tested in the Eastern state enterprise of assay control of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine

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Reviews 6
Дуже дякую за виріб! Подарувала донці на ДР, вона в захваті!
Олена Михайлівна, дякую, дуже приємно :) Вам і донці мирного неба, міцного здоров'я, завжди чудового настрою!
Вітаю! Підкажіть будь ласка, чи підійде така каблучка хлопчику підлітку, як думаєте? Хотіла подарувати синові. Дуже оригінальний виріб!
Світлана, вітаю Вас! Не можу порадити саме цю каблучку, бо вона скоріше жіноча. Хоча зараз такі часи, що все, так би мовити, універсальне :) Але, я би не став так ризикувати. Ви можете зателефонувати нам, щось придумаємо.
Замовляла цю каблучку для мами і ще одну собі. Обидві дуже припали до душі. Ніжні, витончені, а головне - не беззмістовні. Робота ювеліра на вищому рівні! Ми дуже задоволені придбаннями і будемо ще заходити у Вашу крамничку. Дякую за Вашу працю.
Юлія, дякую, ми теж дуже задоволені :) Вам і матусі міцного здоров'я й усіляких гараздів!
Щиро вдячна 🙏🏻🤗навзаєм!
Щиро вдячні за прекрасні вироби,що придбали у вас,к саме браслет і каблучку. Виглядають,навіть,краще ніж на фото. Дуже хороша якість виробів.
Валерій, дякую Вам, дуже приємно :) Вам і усім, хто милий серцю - мирного неба, красоти і любові!
Сегодня получила свое Счастье!!! Спасибо большое за качественную работу! Получила массу приятных эмоций!!! Творите нам на радость!!!! Еще раз ,СПАСИБО!!!!
Наталья Васильевна, мы тоже получаем массу приятных эмоций от таких отзывов, спасибо Вам :) Будьте счастливы!
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